Ariel  Moretti

Ariel Moretti could well be called the 20th century Veronica Franco or La Barucci  




I am so delighted you have decided to get to know more about me.


I am Ariel Moretti and hopefully you find enough here to act upon your initial attraction.


On the physical I am a beauty of Italian ancestry with all natural copper hair, porcelain skin with a pale coating of freckles. It's my understanding the ginger gene spread from Sicily by the way. All I know is being Italian explains a great deal about my fiery passion for life and all things I do. I stand 5'4 and because it's ungentlemanly to ask a ladies weight or age I happily volunteer it. I am about 125lbs and I am 27 years old.


On the inside if you were to ask my friends to describe me I believe you would hear adjectives like, goofy, honest, genuine, sensual, passionate, professional, fun, confident, and sexy. I am a hard worker and very responsible.  I am a fitness enthusiast and enjoy eating clean and healthy. I am furthering my education and currently  work a mainstream job part-time aside from being a confidant and muse. I am high energy but know how to relax and help you to do so too.  I vow to be unforgettable in uncommon ways. I am told often I am one of a kind! Let me be your accomplice in some roguery that will leave you with a smile and pep in your step for days.


I am a fabulous addition for a lovely lunch with a most delicious dessert or  I can be attired from heard and placed on your arm for an evening of mixing and mingling followed by adventure and exploration. I love lazy movie nights accompanied by a bed picnic where I feed you champagne grapes and brie!  What ever you can imagine I am sure we can make happen.

I hope to making your acquaintance in person very soon!


Twitter: @ariel_moretti

Phone:  (281) 940-4927   Text only please

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